Prologue: The Game

“Mercenary Corporation Online,” a hit online MMOFPS which was unveiled at E3 in the year of 2015 was set in an alternate modern world where countries are governed by corporations and advancement in technology of war boomed at an alarming rate. The game immediately became a massive hit at launch in the year of 2019 with more than 600,000,000 users simultaneously logging to take advantage of the “Day 0” event.

A year later after the launch, the company “Valk Inc,” announced world wide that there will be collaboration contents from other well-known developers in the future updates. In 2020 “Mercenary Corporation Online” had its first major collaboration event from EA called, “Battlefield Bad Company” or B.B.C for short. Players were given the chance to acquire unique Assistant Characters which were to be implemented in the next update. “Assistant Characters” are AI controlled avatars that a player can summon to help in a battlefield for solo players who prefer the “lone wolf” life.

The collaboration between “EA” and “Valk Inc” took the entire gaming industry by surprise and soon other developers followed suit. Soon later “Valk Inc” grew into a mega developer with offices worldwide and as a result many job requests were sent out to fill those offices. The Crossfire collaboration from Z8games was held in the year of 2021 as a last-ditch effort to lure in NA players to their sequel Crossfire 2 and surprisingly enough Z8games was able to get around 20% of NA region players.

In E3 of 2022, “Valk Inc” and “Vive” announced that a Full Dive Virtual Reality or FDVR for short, was in development and will be released world wide of 2025 along with two major collaboration events running side by side. The spokesperson showed footages of the optimized FDVR version of “Mercenary Corporation Online” along with a demo mission involving three factions in an all-out-war from said hinted collaborations. During the three years while everyone was waiting anxiously for the FDVR release along with the optimized version of the game, “Valk Inc” was battling a never-ending war with a large influx of moders, cheaters, and hackers in the PC version of “Mercenary Corporation Online”. In response the company decided to hire administrators and moderators around the globe thus a hiring bulletin was posted on their homepage. After the hiring bulletin went live in November 2022, “Valk Inc” received almost 200,000 applications and over the course of the next five months the 200,000 applications went down to just 500.

The 500 lucky applicants then had to go through five stages of interview in game and out of the 500, at least 300 applicants failed at the 5th stage of the process which was a “Live Scenario” which the head administrator and head moderator played out live in game scenario just to see how the applicants would react and deal with said the scenario. Only 200 applicants had passed which was roughly what both the head administrator and head moderator had estimated prior to the interview. Among the 200 applicants only one was promoted to “Administrator” due his outstanding responses and methods throughout the entire interview. As for the identities and amount of the “Administrators” hired remain a mystery even to this day to both players and “Valk Inc” staff members.

The Decision

Riley woke up to his alarm clock that was set to go off at 1 PM. He then quickly went to his washroom to tidy himself up before diving into “Girl’s Frontline: Online”. As he was finishing washing his face, he recalled yesterdays’ event.


-Recollection of the events from yesterday-


[Well if it isn’t Riley? How was the “Commander” work from today?]

As Riley entered the café, one his friends that was sitting in a large table in the far back wave over to him.

[It was surprisingly easy, go figured if you and your crew were here since none of the G&K “squads” out in the field today haven’t ran into you guys.]

Riley spoke as he seated himself down at the table and looked directly to another person straight ahead of him. The person has short red hair and black eye.  He noticed Riley’s’ stare.

[Alright. Alright. So, getting straight down to the point, are we?]

The person pulled out a notebook and started flipping the pages until he found what he was looking for. He thing slid the notebook to the center of the table for the entire party to see. On paper this was written on it.


[“Dynamic Story Update”

  • Revamped Story Quest from Chapter 1 to Chapter 7
  • Added NEW NPCS for GK faction: Weitkins(IOP), Mikhach(IOP), Yegor(KCCO).
  • Added interactable NPC for SF: Lycoris ghost, Elisa, Agent, Judge, Dreamer, Alchemist, Destroyer, Intruder, Hunter, Executioner, Scarecrow, Ouroboros, Architect, Gager.
  • Revamped Character Customization for SF Faction.
  • Added KCCO Outpost “Bravo”
  • New HUD interfaces and functions for SF players.
  • Added NEW loots: Morion Tracker, Real-Time Map, craft materials
  • Added craft building for GK faction: PersicaLab
  • Added “Factory” building for SF Faction.
  • Added “Tech” building for SF Factions.]


The person sitting next to the red hair curiously asked.

[Say Ryan, I heard that every players character level is going to reset back to level 1. Are we going to lose all the loot we earned since open beta?]


The person called Ryan lightly chuckled at the question and response he gave everyone the lowdown of what the reset entails.


[So not to cause a panic to everyone here. As the announcement had stated everyone’s character level will be reset back to level 1 to accommodate the revamp “Dynamic Story Quests”. Reason being is that the developers added a couple of new gimmicks to make the game’s old story much more interesting. Ah. I know what you are going to ask next.]

Ryan paused briefly as he noticed a couple of the people at the table was about to raise the index finger and he continued as they settled down.

[I managed to get this juicy information from a buddy of mine whose part of the development team. So, what he told me is that the only thing they touched was the level and they left the loots alone. Aside from the reset, they added a couple new servers so if we all want to migrate into one of those new servers. We can do so with all our previous loot intact. HOWEVER! This is a one-time thing and there are no redoes.]

Ryan stopped temporarily to let the others slowly process the information he had given before continuing with his reports.

[Alright so now the question is what shall we, as a group, do? Should we move our avatar data to one of those new servers since its going to be less populated until the newbies start popping later and we can experience the new dynamic quest, or should we stick to the old server?]

Riley stood up from his seat and began the poll.

[Everyone who wants to stick with the older server, raise your hand up and form a fist.]

Riley look around and counted ten votes for the old server. He then gave a quick nod.

[Those who want to move to one of the newer servers, raise your hand up and keep your hand open.]

Riley counted twenty votes out of the thirty members that are present. He breathed out a quick sigh.

[The vote for the new server wins by mass majority, now the next question is should we all stick as one unified group supporting one faction or should we be divided]

Almost immediately the café was engulfed by overlapping chatters, however it died down when one of the waiters came by to give us a warning. Ryan called out to Riley soon after the waiter left.

[Let’s do the tally system again?]

Riley nodded in agreement

[Okay for everyone who wanted to be part of the G&K faction sit on the left side of this table and for those who want to be part of the Sangvis Ferris faction please sit on the right side.]

After everyone at the table relocated to their desired side of the table. Riley counted that fifteen of his friends wanted to support the G&K faction to the end while the other fifteen wanted to support the Sangvis Ferris faction.

[Fifteen against Fifteen, hmm…. This is going to be a fair fight. Okay everyone let’s all move our character data to that new server there and the new role-play war shall commence!]


-End of event from yesterday-


[This is Kilo “607” to “Dagger” You have two hostile Sangvis Ferris patrol squads two clicks ahead of the rendezvous location. Proceed with caution.]

A click could be heard on the receiving end of the transmission.

[This is “Dagger” to Kilo “607” Acknowledge. Alight guys, you know the drill. Silencers on and Ramirez activate that jammer would ya?]

After the person on the other end of the transmission gave out the order the line was later cut. Kilo “607” then switched her monitor to another squad that is in the process of being wiped out from a Sangvis Ferris counter-ambush. Immediately she opened a private emergency line and the sound of an annoyed recipient could be heard on the other end of the line.

[Oi HardBallz! How long are you gonna carry that dam busted up SF unit? HA? Drop that piece of shit or I am going to drop this so hard in your ass! Oh? Kilo “607” I didn’t realize you called.]

The recipient finally noticed that she got a call. Kilo “607” gently shook her head not even going to question what HardBallz was up to. However, it is imperative that she need to send reinforcements to the ambushed squad and “Blackout” squad is the closest to them.

[“Blackout” please divert from the original mission path to this location. There is another squad that is suffering heavy casualties with a VIP in tow. Your mission is as follows: Eliminate any and all hostiles in their AO, then escort them and their VIP to the EVAC point. You may resupply after the completion of this “Emergency Mission”]

The recipient went silent briefly while in the background shenanigan noises could be heard coming from the other squamates.

[“Blackout” to Kilo “607” I acknowledge. Changing primary mission to secondary mission. Squad! Check your ammo and equipment’s! There is another squad out here that’s in distress and we’ve been given a new order. So, MOVE OUT!]

The emergency line was cut prompting Kilo “607” to move on to monitor another squad. Suddenly the sound of an alarm clock went off notifying Kilo “607” that her shift was over. She gently put her hands on her head, whispered “log out” and slowly removed the device off her head.

[Phew, nothing major happened today but it’s odd that those guys from Sangvis Ferris didn’t appear in today’s skirmish. Whelp I need to meet up with the others to discuss the upcoming “Story” update that’s happening tonight.]

Kilo “607” got up from the bed and went to the washroom to tidy up. After five minutes had passed by and from the washroom appeared a young boy aging around twenty with emerald eyes and short black hair. The boy was wearing a green short sleeved t-shirt white socks and blue jeans. He made his way downstairs, nabbed a sandwich that was sitting next to the phone by the front door and bid farewell to his mother before exiting the house.

[MOM! I’m heading out to hang out with my game friends. I’ll be back a little bit late so don’t worry about my dinner!]

A reply could be heard faintly from the kitchen.

[Riley! Make sure you get back before 2 AM!]

With that Riley left the house and made his way to the designated café where everyone from the G&K faction were to meet.